The HUD Group empowers students of Klintaps College through a dynamic learning skills Symposium on 24th March.

The HUD Group recently hosted a transformative symposium at Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences (KCoHAS) to improve students’ academic capabilities and learning capacities. The non-profit, which is well renowned for its dedication to equipping children with crucial skills for success, held an interactive session that left the Klintaps student community humming with fresh zeal to conquer their academic

Background information on the HUD Group in Ghana

The HUD Group, which stands for “The Human Development Group”, has been actively engaged in community and educational development programs throughout Ghana. The organisation’s mission is to engage hearts, enlighten heads and empower the hands of emerging and established leaders as we inspire, equip and connect them to discover, develop and deploy their God-given identity, purpose and resources to reach their full potential and impact in every sphere as effectual missional communities.

The HUD Group has successfully reached out to many educational institutions through a team of committed volunteers and educators, offering workshops, symposiums, and mentorship programs that concentrate on developing core abilities for students to flourish in their academic pursuits.

An enriching experience

On Friday, March 24, 2023, when students enthusiastically assembled for the HUD Group’s symposium, the Klintaps Main Auditorium was alive with anticipation. The occasion demonstrated the college’s dedication to offering a holistic education and assisting students outside of the classroom.

The HUD Group specialists, who brought a wealth of expertise and experience in educational psychology and learning strategies, gave interesting presentations and lively discussions at the symposium.

Basic Knowledge for Learning and Studying Correctly

The symposium included a wide range of crucial learning skills and methods aimed at enabling students to realize their full potential. Participants gained useful tips for time management, taking notes efficiently, making goals, and overcoming academic difficulties.

According to Mr. Gideon Nunufioo, the main facilitator from the HUD Group, “We believe that every student has the potential to excel and that with the right learning skills, they can unlock their true capabilities.”

The seminars stressed the value of active learning, critical thinking, and self-motivation and provided students with useful tools to improve their academic performance and learning.

HUD Group Speaker
Mr. Gideon Nunofioo, the main speaker for the Learning Skills Symposium powered by the HUD Group

The Q&A sessions with students were interactive.

The lively and interesting question-and-answer sessions were one of the symposium’s highlights. Students enthusiastically participated in the conversations, giving their personal experiences and asking for clarity on various study-related concerns.

A dietetics student named Meredith Asrifie commented, “I found the Q&A sessions beneficial. “The facilitators directly addressed our issues, and their insights have provided me with a new perspective on how I approach my studies,” another participant said.

The symposium’s interactive format cultivated a feeling of community and produced an inclusive learning atmosphere where students felt at ease expressing their ideas and looking for help.

The HUD Group Application Process for Students

Students were curious about how they could keep using the tools and assistance the HUD Group had supplied when the symposium concluded. The facilitators gave students who expressed interest the chance to join the group and take part in its leadership and mentoring initiatives.

Students were urged to apply for membership in the HUD Group at the Klintaps College Student Affairs Office. They would have access to more classes, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and the organization’s many community outreach initiatives if they joined.

The program coordinator, Ms. Sandra Afriyie, said, “We are thrilled to welcome students from Klintaps College into our HUD family. We can build a strong support system together that will encourage and enable one another to succeed in all facets of life.

A Goal for Empowered Learning

A journey of self-discovery and personal development, the HUD Group symposium at Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences was more than just an occasion. The college community was overflowing with optimism as students left with newfound knowledge and grit for a future of lifelong learning.

The symposium’s influence was felt far beyond the boundaries of the auditorium as students excitedly incorporated the methods and strategies they had learnt into their regular academic schedules. The HUD Group’s visit has been a significant step toward realizing the mission of KCOHAS, which is to continue to foster an environment of excellence.

Visit by the HUD group
Ms. Sandra Afriyie and Mr. Gideon Nunofioo with students of Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences after the study skills symposium.