Inspiring Sports at Klagon TWMA JHS with a generous donation.

In a heart-warming display of social and corporate responsibility, Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences (KCoHAS) recently extended a helping hand to the Klagon TWMA Junior High School (JHS) by donating a plethora of sports gear and apparel. The generous gesture, which included footballs, jerseys, and the renovation of their volleyball and handball parks, has injected a new wave of enthusiasm and optimism into the school’s sports program.

Boosting Sports with Donation of Essential Equipment

The donation from Klintaps College came as a much-needed boost for the students at Klagon TWMA JHS, who had been grappling with limited sporting equipment and facilities. The newly acquired footballs and jerseys will enable the students to train more effectively and hone their skills, fostering a culture of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Moreover, the renovation of their volleyball and netball parks has transformed the playing areas into vibrant spaces, encouraging the students to engage in these sports with renewed enthusiasm. The upgraded facilities are set to elevate the overall sports experience for the students, providing them with an opportunity to compete at a higher level.

Sports items presented as a donation to Klagon TWMA JHS as part of social corporate responsibility.
Sports items presented as a donation to Klagon TWMA JHS

A Gesture of Support and Unity

The donation by Klintaps College not only demonstrates the institution’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility but also showcases its unwavering support for the Klagon community. By investing in the sports program at TWMA Klagon JHS, KCoHAS reinforces the belief in the power of sports to uplift and inspire the young minds of the community.

“We believe in nurturing holistic development among the youth,” said Professor Philip Nartey Gorleku, the Founder of Klintaps College. “Through this donation, we aim to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among the students and instil in them the values of discipline and teamwork.”

Management of Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences presenting donation of items to the Klagon JHS
Management of Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences presenting a donation of items to the Klagon JHS

Gratitude and Excitement among Students

The students at TWMA Klagon JHS were overwhelmed with gratitude upon receiving the donation from Klintaps College. Their joyous expressions and eagerness to explore the new equipment were evident as they gathered to express their appreciation.

“We are so thankful to Klintaps College for this wonderful gift,” said Philomena Berko, a student at TWMA Klagon JHS. “With the new footballs and jerseys, we can now practice better and participate in inter-school competitions with more confidence.” The students were especially excited about the prospect of using the newly renovated volleyball and handball fields. The students were eager to showcase their talents and compete against their peers right after the donation ended.

Investing in a healthy body and mind

The donation to TWMA Klagon JHS aligns with Klintaps College’s commitment to investing in the healthy futures of young children by fostering a culture of physical activity and wellness. By providing access to quality sporting equipment and facilities, the college aims to inspire the younger generation to embrace sports as a means of personal development and community bonding.

“The benefits of sports extend beyond the playing field,” emphasized Mr. Daniel Dzakah, Deputy Registrar for Student Affairs at KCoHAS. “Sports aside all their obvious health benefits instil valuable life skills such as discipline, leadership, and resilience. We hope that through this donation, we can positively impact the lives of these young athletes.”

Spreading Positivity and Unity

The gesture of support from Klintaps College has not only left a lasting impact on the students but has also strengthened the bond between the college and the Klagon community. The collaborative effort to enhance sports facilities at TWMA Klagon JHS is a testament to the power of unity and collective action.

“Klintaps has set a fine example of social responsibility,” remarked the Headteacher of Klagon TWMA JHS in an interview after the event. “We are deeply grateful for their support, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in fostering the holistic development of our students.”

Students of Klagon TWMA JHS fitted in their new sports jerseys.
Students of Klagon TWMA JHS fitted in their new sports jerseys

A Brighter Future Ahead

As the sporting gear and apparel find their new home at Klagon TWMA JHS, the future of sports at the school shines brighter than ever. The impact of Klintaps College’s donation will resonate in the hearts and minds of the students, encouraging them to pursue their athletic passions with determination and pride.

With a renewed sense of purpose and a community united in its pursuit of excellence, Klagon TWMA JHS and Klintaps College look forward to a future where sports serve as a vehicle for positive change and personal growth.