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Financial aid

A. Find our general fee information and payment plans below.

Physician Assistant (Medical or Dental) Ghanaian students International students
Tuition per semester GHS 3300* $1000*
Other Programs    
Tuition per semester GHS 2300 $750

All fees are subject to updates each academic year, and overall semester expenses may vary.

B. Available Fee Payment Schedule per semester

One of the core values of Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences is service. We believe that financial difficulties should never price out anyone from getting the best education.

Our academic year has two semesters. The first usually begins in January of each year and ends in May. The second usually begins in July and ends in November.

Understanding the challenging financial atmosphere for the ordinary Ghanaian family, we by principle collect our fees on a per-semester basis. Additionally, we provide a flexible payment schedule for all Ghanaian and international students.

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDIES GHS 1,500.00 GHS 500.00 GHS 500.00 GHS 500.00 GHS 300.00 GHS 3,300.00
OTHER PROGRAMS GHS 1,000.00 GHS 500.00 GHS 500.00 GHS 300.00 GHS 0.00 GHS 2,300.00

*This table applies to Ghanaian students only. All International students can reach out to our admissions office for more information on the available fee scheduling options for international students.

Each installment is due monthly by the 21st day of the due month. Failure to meet due payment by due dates attracts penalties. In addition to the above expenses, we recommend that students budget an additional amount per semester to cover personal expenses, meals, and miscellaneous spending.

C. Scholarships Opportunities

Klintaps CoHAS supports multiple students annually through a host of varying scholarship packages. We are committed to never making financial difficulties a barrier to an incredible education in the health sciences. Students who win scholarships will be eligible for full or partial financial support to cover their tuition fees and academic resources.

Our Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences Scholarship awards vary in number and structure depending on the availability of funds, proven need, and academic track record.

Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences is recognized by the Students Loan Trust Fund and therefore all our students are eligible to access the students’ loan. For more information visit www.sltf.gov.gh