SRC 2024 Elections

Congratulations on picking up a nomination form, and we wish you success in all electoral processes. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Scan the QR code above or visit the link above to get access to the SRC portal to fill out forms. Input the correct E-FORM NUMBER (wrong numbers may cause disqualifications) Form inputs should be made in […]

The HUD Group empowers students of Klintaps College through a dynamic learning skills Symposium on 24th March.

Visit by the HUD group

The HUD Group recently hosted a transformative symposium at Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences (KCoHAS) to improve students’ academic capabilities and learning capacities. The non-profit, which is well renowned for its dedication to equipping children with crucial skills for success, held an interactive session that left the Klintaps student community humming with fresh zeal […]

Events and Activities

Passionate male Klintaps students playing a video Games being played at a Klintaps event

At Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences, we often organize various exciting activities that go beyond regular coursework to enhance the learning experience and foster a sense of community among students. There are a variety of events and activities that enrich the student experience at Klintaps. Here are a few descriptions of exciting activities […]