Campus Life

A thriving residential campus and community of creative and accomplished people from around the world
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Student Life

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Student Affairs

KCOHAS has a vibrant Student Representative Council and mentors who help to enhance the student experience at our institution. The SRC executives, our staff mentors and college counsellor assist students in various ways to meet the varying demands of a tertiary education.

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Clubs and Organizations

Meet new people, pursue your interests and enrich your friendships, skills and your understanding of the world

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Campus Housing

Campus Housing is provided to our undergraduate students on basis of need and a first come – first serve basis. Our Housing plans are highly affordable and under continuous improvement to provide the most comfort to all students lodged at KCOHAS and our satellite facilities.

The Home of Health Sciences

KCOHAS is dedicated to truly being the home of health sciences in Ghana and West Africa. Our programs, campus and students have a complete focus towards Health and Allied Health Sciences.

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Sport and Fitness

Sporting Activities

Fitness Centers

Health and Wellness