BSc. Community Nutrition

A nutritionist is an expert who provides counseling to people regarding nutrition and a healthy diet. Most people confuse the term “nutritionist” with “dietitian”. Both profiles are different. Nutritionists only deal with individuals who are not suffering from any disease or health disorder. They help people to reach the next level of their fitness by improving their dietary choices.

Although, most subjects are common for both BSc. Community Nutrition and Dietetics, students study subjects related to nutrition program planning and nutrition education in the final years of the course. The major working areas of nutritionists are fitness centers and gyms, where individuals are looking to improve their health with the help of quality diet recommendations.

If you want to become a nutritionist, a BSc. in Nutrition from Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences can help you achieve the job of your dreams! After you graduate, either you can join an organization that requires the services of nutritionists or work as an independent nutritionist, as per your preferences. Our educational program equips you with the required skills and knowledge that will help kick-start your journey to becoming an established nutritionist. Our unique program and teaching methodology makes Klintaps, one of the best colleges offering a B.Sc. in Nutrition in Ghana.

Aims of Our B.Sc. Nutrition Program

The key objectives of Klintaps College in offering the B.Sc. in Community Nutrition educational program are geared at equipping the students with the following skills:

• Conduct and monitor different programs related to nutrition intervention.
• Prepares students for leadership and management roles with an emphasis on clinical practice, public health nutrition, the food and pharmaceutical sectors, food-service management, and food-systems management.
• Effectively carry out surveys and assessments related to nutrition and reflect on meaningful data from the results.
• Carry out in-depth research in nutrition and health according to the requirements of the respective organization.
• Contribute to making policies and regulations to help people achieve optimal fitness and health.
• Find out nutritional disorders in clients if any, and assist them in regulating their diet.

Employment Prospects After Completing BSc. in Community Nutrition

After graduating with a B.Sc. Community Nutrition degree, job opportunities are abundant in multiple fields. Below are the common domains where students can start working as a nutritionist.

  • Ghana Health Service
  • Ministry of Health
  • Research Institutions
  • Public Corporations and Companies
  • Private Health Institutions
  • NGOs and Donor Groups

BSc. Community Nutrition Course Details

Here is some important information regarding the B.Sc. Community Nutrition course that will give you more clarity related to eligibility and program fee structure.

Entry Requirements for fresh undergraduates to the B.Sc. Community Nutrition Program

• To qualify, the applicant must obtain passes (A1- C6) i.e., have an aggregate of 36 or better in six subjects (3 core and 3 electives).
• Students with a Home Economics, General Science or Agricultural Science certificate from SHS can apply for this program.
• The core subjects and minimum grades are: (C4, C5, and C6) or better in Mathematics, English Language, and Integrated Science.

For mature entry and other modes of entry kindly find our full list of entry requirements here

Fee Structure for the BSc. Community Nutrition programme

Fee Structure For Ghanaian Students (all fees are quoted per annum)

Program Type Freshers Continuing
Regular 4,700 GH¢ 4,700 GH¢

Program Type Freshers Continuing
Weekend 7000 GH¢ 7000 GH¢

Fee Structure For Foreign Students (all fees are quoted per annum)

Program Type Freshers Continuing
Regular 600 US$ 600 US$

Take advantage of our installment payment plans which are detailed here

Career Outlook for BSc. Community Nutrition Graduates

After graduating from Klintaps College, which is one of the best colleges for B.Sc. Nutrition, students can pursue rewarding careers in multiple fields. The people of Ghana need professional nutritionists to spread awareness regarding the importance of a healthy diet. The number of certified nutritionists currently present in the country is far less than the actual requirement. The demand for professional nutritionists is very high in Ghana, which increases the scope after completing such a course.

Students who are interested in further studies can also pursue higher education after the completion of a B.Sc. in Nutrition. It is one of the versatile educational programs that leads to multiple career paths. If you are interested in learning more about food & nutrition and helping people by improving their diet, our B.Sc. in Community Nutrition is the right course for you.